AppalFRESH Collaborative

The AppalFRESH (Appalachian Food Research for Equity, Sustainability and Health) Collaborative is a new, but growing group of faculty, staff, and graduate students at Appalachian State University with a common interest in research, education and engagement related to socially, economically and ecologically viable food systems.

AppalFRESH strives to:

  • Host and promote events that lead to a better understanding of and spur conversations around food issues
  • Conduct and support research on salient food issues
  • Be of service to faculty, staff, community members and students by sharing resources and making and maintaining connections

Since forming in fall 2015, we have held several sharing and planning meetings to better define our purpose and mission and co-hosted the 2016 Food Summit and the 2016 Sustainable Food Week in partnership with Blue Ridge Women in Agriculture.

To see what's going on, join the conversation and contribute to this growing effort, please join the AppalFRESH Google Group.