Interdisciplinary Research Clusters

Inter- and intradisciplinary reserach presents unique challenges, yet is necessary to broach many of the most complex challenges of the day.  In an effort to support such reserach, the RIEEE offers modest seed money for research clusters through our CONCERT Faculty Grant Program.  Supported clusters are identified through a competitive application process, with requests for new and continued support accepted about every year.  Supported clusters are expected to utilize seed funds in anticipation of applying for external funding.

Current clusters include:

  • AppAqua - spatial relationships between land cover change and water quality, headwater locations, optimizing stream restoration
  • AppalAIR - air quality and climate research in southern Appalachian Mountains, atmospheric monitoring, air pollution formation and transport
  • AppalFRESH - Appalachian's Food Research for Equity, Sustainability and Health Collaborative
  • Aquatic Conservation Lab - southeastern US, freshwater habitat ecology, conservation genetics
  • Carbon Inventories, Accounting and Uncertainty - carbon accounting, uncertainty in carbon inventories, nature and distribution of COemissions, implications for energy policy 
  • Biomass and Bioenergy - biomass characterization, analysis and utilization, bioenergy production and processing techniques, anaerobic digestion, biochar, on-farm bioenergy production and utilization
  • Experimental & Environmental Economics - willingness to pay, cost-benefit analysis, economic impact analyses
  • Forest Carbon Market Project
  • Vulnerability and Resilience in the Southern Appalachian Mountain Region
  • Waste Not - Food Waste Reduction, Recovery and Diversion Initiative