Recent awards highlight diversity of research

Join us in congratulating Maggie Sugg (Geography), Steve Seagle (Biology/SAEREC) and John Whitehead (Economics) for new grant awards that were announced recently.  Their projects, described below, demonstrate the diversity of research supported by the RIEEE and its affiliated centers. 

Maggie (Margaret) Sugg, Assistant Professor in Geography and Planning, received a $4,000 award from Oak Ridge Associated Universities to support an early career collaboration focused on personal environmental monitoring using wearable sensors.  Funding will enable Maggie and researchers from North Carolina State University, University of Tennessee, Middle Tennessee State University and Mississippi State University to develop their collaboration and research agenda.  Steve Seagle, Professor in Biology and Director of SAEREC, received $20,000 in additional funding from the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services to continue his work on vector-borne disease, specifically blacklegged ticks and the spread of lyme disease.  John Whitehead, Professor in Economics, along with researchers from the North Carolina Sea Grant Program, North Carolina State University and UNC-Wilmington, received a grant from the NC Division of Marine Fisheries to conduct an economic impact study of North Carolina's commercial fisheries.

image of Linville River, RIEEE
Published: Oct 25, 2019 3:21pm