RIEEE researchers receive AT&T Climate Resiliency Community Challenge Grant

RIEEE researchers Tammy Kowalczyk and Dennis Gilfillan received a grant from AT&T to examine climate resiliency in rural inland areas, focusing on Western North Carolina.  The team will use geospatial analysis to identify areas of high risk to climate change and how this connects to socioeconomic disparities.  The project will inform local hazard mitigation planning, rural development strategies and communications infrastructure planning for underserved rural areas. This project is part of the broader research theme of the Appalachian Carbon Research Group, with which Kowalczyk and Gilfillan work on rural representation in climate resilience and the carbon economy.

AT&T's Climate Resliency Community Challenge is "designed to help local communities better predict, prepare for and adapt to the changing climate."  Read more about the challenge here.

image of forest from ground, forest carbon offsets, Appalachian State University, RIEEE
Published: Feb 6, 2020 9:09am