High Elevation Climate-Precipitation Dynamics

Primary Objectives

Research priorities include investigating precipitation patterns and processes across the Andean region, investigating the atmospheric influences on oxygen stable isotopes and trace elements preserved in high-elevation snowfall, and decoding multi-centennial climate histories from tropical Andean ice cores.  The group recently installed a network of meteorological stations, including the two highest in the world, in the Khumbu Himal (Everest) region of Nepal as part of the National Geographic Perpetual Planet Extreme Expedition.  These will improve paleoclimatic reconstructions from nearby ice cores. Click here for more!

Cluster Members


precipitation, climate change, climate reconstruction, high altitude, Himalayas, Andes, weather station, precipitation monitoring, citizen science, glacier-climate interactions


National Geographic
National Science Foundation

image of pack horses during expedition in Andes Mountains, RIEEE, Baker Perry