CONCERT Faculty Grant Program

CONducting ComplEx Research Together (CONCERT) Grants

The Research Institute for Environment, Energy, and Economics (RIEEE) was established to underscore the University's dedication to sustainability by fostering interdisciplinary research that crosses the core research areas described broadly as:

  • Environmental Systems;
  • Human Energy Systems; and
  • Economic Systems.

In order to support this mission, the RIEEE aims to assist faculty, students, academic departments, related centers, and other university units by providing (a) opportunities to participate in joint, disciplinary and/or education research, (b) opportunities to network with potential collaborators, (c) opportunities for professional development, and (d) financial administration for research projects.   It is our hope that the work supported by the RIEEE will be integrated into academic programs at Appalachian State University, used to facilitate discovery among K-12 student students and teachers, and employed in the economic development of the region.

Purpose of CONCERT Program:  Funding will support new, existing, or developing research projects that involve more than one of the RIEEE core research areas and are performed by collaborative, interdisciplinary teams.   These research clusters may be composed of faculty members, graduate and undergraduate students, EHRA staff, and others such as research professors and external collaborators.  Proposals should correspond to the missions of the Southern Appalachian Environmental Research and Education Center (SAEREC), the Center for Economic Research and Policy Analysis (CERPA), and the Appalachian Energy Center (AEC). We encourage projects involving the collection and analysis of “big data” to collaborate with faculty members in the Computer Science Department.  We further encourage PIs funded through the CONCERT mechanism to submit external proposals through RIEEE or the related centers.

See the current call for proposals and application materials below.


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