2014 Awards

The following projects were awarded in our 2014, 'Creating a Healthy, Just and Sustainable Society' solicitation:

Recipient Faculty Mentor Award Project Title Funding Source
Mary Kathryn Bruning Dr. Lynn Siefferman, Department of Biology $200 Investigation of Human Activities on Responses of Wild Birds RIEEE
Taylor Krivenki Dr. Brett Taubman, Department of Chemistry $200 Comparative Analysis of Hop Essential Oil Stability RIEEE
Katherine Meeks Gary Nemcosky, Art Department $200 Illusory Permanence: the Persistence of Nature RIEEE
Reva Michael Dr. Michael Gangloff, Department of Biology $350 Water Quality Effects Through Changing Land Use on Snail Populations RIEEE
Peter Nasuti Dr. Chris Badurek, Department of Geography & Planning $500 Use of a Low-Cost UAV for Collecting 3D Point Cloud Data for Analysis of Land Use Change RIEEE
Elizabeth Roden Dr. James Houser, Department of Technology & Environmental Design $342 Ultimate Balanced Algae Production Sustem for Bioremediation RIEEE
Frances Vierela Dr. Michael Madritch, Department of Biology $500 Genetically-modified variation in Carolina hemlock and resistance to hemlock woolly adelgid RIEEE
Courtney Baines-Smith Dr. Rachel Wilson, Department of Curriculum and Instruction $500 Garden-based Education Teacher Training RIEEE
Matthew Cartabuke Dr. James Westerman, Department of Management $500 Social Justice Perceptions in Hither Education Students Walker College of Business
Aaron Fairbanks Dr. Tricia Treacy, Art Department $500 Recess College of Fine and Applied Arts
Kara Flowers Dr. Jeff Motter, Department of Communication $500 Civic Engagement: What Can Students Do? College of Fine and Applied Arts
Alexis Gropper Dr. John Walker, Department of Biology $500 Mycoremediation of Oil Contamination in the Ecuadorian Amazon RIEEE
Kathy Henson Dr. Leslie McLees $500 Bicycling in Boone: Safety, Citizenship and Informality RIEEE
David Walker Dr. Pat Beaver, Anthropology Department $250 Cultivating Community: Employing ASU's Edible Schoolyard as a University and Community Gathering Place and Incubator for Community Garden Best Practices RIEEE
Andrew Zimmer Dr. Stephanie West, Department of Health, Leisure and Exercise Science $500 The Privilege of Eating Local Food: A Qualitative Study Exploring Low Income Families' Food Choices College of Health Sciences
Michael Neff Dr. Erik Rabinowitz, Department of Health, Leisure and Exercise Science $500 Sustainability in Ski Resorts College of Health Sciences
Amber Taylor Dr. Rebecca Battista, Department of Health, Leisure and Exercise Science $1,000 Active Today = Healthy Tomorrow College of Health Sciences
Kate Miller Dr. Melissa Weddell, Department of Health, Leisure and Exercise Science $495 An Evaluation of Sustainable Food Tourism in the Appalachian Region: A Case Study of Marketing a Tourist Oriented Map Guide College of Health Sciences
Courtney Goodman Dr. Jeffrey McBride, Department of Health, Leisure and Exercise Science $500 Effects of Stregth Training on Measures of Ankle Stiffness and Mechanical Efficiency College of Health Sciences
Leslie McCullen Dr. Root Martin, Department of Nutrition and Health Care Management $400 Measuring triterpenoids in North Carolina apples 2013-2014 College of Health Sciences


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