The mission of the Research Institute for Environment, Energy, and Economics is to build an internationally recognized and applied multi-disciplinary research entity that enhances Appalachian's academic programs and fosters interdisciplinary research addressing environment, energy and economic issues. Research from the Institute will support:

  • Academic programs at Appalachian State University
  • K-12 student populations and teachers
  • Government and public officials (local, regional, state, federal and international)
  • Decision makers from businesses and industry
  • The general public


To facilitate the highest quality research and application in the areas of environment, energy and economics. The Institute will assist faculty, students, academic departments, related centers and other university units through financial administration for research projects, funding development, logistics, and promotion and dissemination of research results.

  • Facilitate collaborative efforts to support research across departmental and collegial structures.
  • Facilitate extramural funding for faculty and student research as well as to support future research facilities and equipment.
  • Provide a point of contact for outside agencies to inquire about research associated with the environment, energy and economics.
  • Disseminate knowledge and information from research initiatives associated with the environment, energy and economics.
  • Assist Appalachian State University in efforts to improve energy efficiency and to utilize renewable energy technologies.
  • Support community and regional outreach and education initiatives related to the environmental, energy and economics.


Annual Reports and Operating Plans for the Research Institute for Environment, Energy and Economics

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Research Institute for Environment, Energy and Economics
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ph: (828) 262-7514