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Projects and Programs

RIEEE is a dedicated grant-seeking and research administration unit.  Explore our current portfolio of grants and contracts below.

Economic Impact of the North Carolina Banking System
North Carolina Banking Association

This research will develop a North Carolina statewide economic input-output model to examine the economic impact of North Carolina’s banking system on the state’s economy. Impacts will be measured in…

North Carolina Retail Impact
North Carolina Retail Merchants Association (NCRMA)

This project investigates the statewide retail trade impact on North Carolina’s economy by highlighting the importance of the retail industry to the state’s economy. Findings will help substantiate the voice…

Advancing Environmental Justice in Disadvantaged NC Communities Through Pollution Prevention and Technical Assistance for Manufacturing Facilities
Environmental Protection Agency via East Carolina University

This project is dedicated to transforming manufacturing practices to be more eco-friendly, with a specific emphasis on communities facing environmental justice challenges. Industries in North Carolina, such as food and…

Carbon Additionality and Leakage in Forest Management: A How-To for U.S. Landowners
USDA Forest Service Southern Research Station

This project will generate a scoping review of additionality and leakage requirements of carbon markets, protocols, and programs and create scenarios of forest carbon additionality to be used in decision-making…

The Effects of Toxic Air Pollution and Climate Change on Maternal and Child Health
National Science Foundation (NSF)

There’s growing evidence that everyday things like air quality and temperature, made worse by climate change, can affect the health of moms and babies. Important groups like the World Health…

Do Forest Carbon Programs Align with the Needs and Values of Tribal Communities in the US South?
USDA Forest Service Southern Research Station

This project will systematically review scientific and gray literature to identify opportunities and barriers for tribal communities and members in the US South to participate in existing and proposed forest…

National Science Foundation (NSF) via Duke University

This effort aims to increase meaningful engagement of interested parties in The International Network for Researching, Advancing, and Assessing Materials for Environmental Sustainability (INFRAMES), with the goals of building and…

Making more with continuous forest inventory data: Toward a scalable, dynamical model of forest change
USDA Forest Service

The purposes of this project are to establish a procedure to formally engage with tribal communities on the topics of revegetation efforts and assistance programs, and to assess the compatibility…

National Science Foundation (NSF)

This project focuses on investigating the critical role of atmospheric aerosols in shaping Earth’s energy budget, particularly their direct impact through sunlight scattering and absorption, as well as their indirect…

Wind Turbine
DOE National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) via REpowering Schools

Wind energy education is an integral part of the curriculum at Appalachian State University. A part of the wind energy curricula at the Department of Sustainable Technology and the Built…

Mapping Trees in Future Climates: Integrating Knowledge, Data, and Tools to Enhance Agroforestry Adoption for Climate Resilience
The Foundation for Food and Agriculture Research (FFAR) via the Savanna Institute

This project is all about helping farmers make smart decisions about what crops to grow and understanding the impact of climate on farming by: This project is all about making…