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Do Forest Carbon Programs Align with the Needs and Values of Tribal Communities in the US South?

This project will systematically review scientific and gray literature to identify opportunities and barriers for tribal communities and members in the US South to participate in existing and proposed forest carbon programs. The study collaborators will also meet with tribal members from across the southern region and national specialists to establish a network of stakeholders, build a foundation of trust, and utilize a participatory action approach to plan and implement research activities and analyze project findings. Then, the study collaborators will lead two discussion-based workshops where stakeholders from across the region may share their knowledge, perceptions, and preferences related to carbon markets. Information gleaned from the pre-visit stakeholder meetings and workshops will help identify the consistency of forest carbon programs with tribes’ cultural values. Workshop participants and study collaborators will also co-produce research questions and objectives, which will be incorporated into a report and proposal for future research including expanding the scope to include carbon programs for agriculture.

Multi-institutional | Research Working Group
September 1, 2023
– August 31, 2025

Project Details

Funded by USDA Forest Service Southern Research Station

(External Funding)

Administrative Unit

Research Institute for Environment, Energy, and Economics (RIEEE)

Research Theme

Project Team Members

Dr. Tammy Kowalczyk

Director of the Appalachian Impact Clinic

Dr. Tatyana Ruseva

MA Program Director

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