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Convergence Research Workshop

This project addresses the critical need for integrative work in research, emphasizing the convergence of diverse perspectives to co-create knowledge for solving complex challenges. The National Science Foundation (NSF) Science and Technology Centers program recognizes the significance of integration in supporting exceptionally innovative, complex research projects. These projects aim to create new scientific paradigms, establish disciplines, and develop transformative technologies with broad societal impact.

This initiative proposes a workshop in the fall of 2024, bringing together practitioners, theorists, trainers, evaluators, and leaders involved in large convergence research efforts, including NSF Science and Technology Centers. Hosted at Appalachian State University, the workshop’s objective is to maximize visibility and transferability of intentional integration approaches and study the process of practicing convergence.

Convergence Research | Multi-institutional | Research Working Group | Student Research
October 1, 2021
– September 30, 2024

Project Details

Funded by National Science Foundation (NSF) via North Carolina State University (NCSU)

(External Funding)

Administrative Unit

Research Institute for Environment, Energy, and Economics (RIEEE)

Research Theme

Project Team Members

Dr. Christine Ogilvie Hendren

Interim Vice Provost for Research and Innovation

Grace Marasco-Plummer

Interim Managing Director

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