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Promoting Integrated On-Farm Bioenergy Technologies

This project aims to advance bioenergy technologies through the integration of biomass heating systems and biochar combined with anaerobic digestion (BCAD). Objectives include transferring technology to regional farms, evaluating crop production in biochar-amended soils, optimizing BCAD systems, and fostering community outreach and education. Small-scale biochar production units will be provided to partner farms, with long-term test plots assessing biochar amendments. The team will monitor biomethane production, exploring optimal waste stream combinations for energy and crop yield. This applied research and technology transfer initiative seeks to promote bioenergy practices in Western North Carolina. Learn more about the NEXUS Research Group here.

Facility | Research Working Group
March 1, 2022
– February 28, 2024

Project Details

Funded by NC Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services

(External Funding)

Administrative Unit

Appalachian Energy Center (AEC)

Research Theme

Project Team Members

Jeremy Ferrell

Assistant Department Chair
Associate Professor

Michael Hambourger

Associate Professor

Kevin Gamble

Senior Lecturer

Hei-Young Kim

Research Scientist

Ok-Youn Yu

Department Chairperson

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