Appalachian Carbon Research Group

Primary Objectives

The Appalachian Carbon Research Group (ACRG) is an interdisciplinary group of faculty, staff and students at Appalachian concerned with the environmental and social impacts of excessive carbon dioxide emissions. Research objectives are focused on seeking and evaluating solutions through carbon accounting methodology, and negative emissions technologies (including carbon offset markets), with particular attention on forest carbon and forest conservation practices. In addition, we are interested in how forest conservation practices can increase and/or complement the economic capacity of privately owned forests, particularly in rural Appalachia.


Remote Sensing, Carbon Inventorying, Behaviorial Analysis, Environmental Policy, Forest Carbon Accounting, GIS Spatial Modeling, Mathematical Modeling, Sustainability Reporting

Cluster Members


Carbon accounting, Forest carbon, Carbon mitigation, Negative emissions, Carbon offsets


US Forest Service

Oakridge Associated Universities

Sustainable Forestry Initiative

NASA Carbon Monitoring System